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Miracle Kid: Noble

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

  • 16 years old

  • 2015 Children’s Miracle Network Champion

  • Proud owner of a Redskins logo emblazoned-prosthetic

  • Leg Amputation from Lawn Mower Accident

One summer night, when Noble was 5, he was out playing in his yard while his dad was mowing the lawn. Somehow, Noble’s leg got caught under the blades of the lawnmower, destroying his Achilles tendon and most of his calf muscle. Doctors at Children’s National Hospital had to amputate the lower part of his leg to give him the best quality of life. However, the amputation did not slow Noble down in any way. Months after the surgery, Noble started kindergarten, walking in with his “bionic, transformers leg.” Now 16, Noble can do everything other kids can do! Noble loves to swim, play golf, and lead dance lines at Terp Thon. Noble was named the 2015 DC’s Children’s Miracle Network Champion, and traveled to Atlanta in 2015 to advocate for funding towards Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!

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