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Fundraising is one of the key pillars of our organization. Each year, we come together as a campus and community to strive to raise the important funds and awareness to make our maximum impact at Children's National Hospital. This ensures that everything from Art Therapy to Life-Saving Treatments can be covered!

Since 2010, Terp Thon has raised over $5.7 Million dollars for the patients and families at Children's National Hospital. That money has gone on to fund thousands of art therapy programs, treatments, and valuable assets and machinery for the hospital. 


Terp Thon has eight fundraising milestones for our participants with TONS of free merchandise and goodies to enjoy both during our 12 hour Dance Marathon in March and year round!


We know better than anyone how tricky fundraising can be. That's why we've gathered our best fundraising tips and tricks to get you on your way and raising money for such an important cause!

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