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Over the past 15 years, Terp Thon has raised over 6.3 million dollars for Children’s National Hospital. Every ask and post you make makes such a huge difference at the hospital. We know fundraising can be tricky, so here are some tried and true tips to further your impact on the hospital.

Make a facebook fundraiser

Easily connect your DonorDrive account to your Facebook to spread the cause to friends and family. The average Facebook Fundraiser raises $150! Click the icon for the steps to make your Fundraiser.


Go Canning

Engage with the community at UMD sports games or local shopping centers and politely ask for donations. There are canning trips every month, and all funds raised during a trip are split between the DonorDrives of those who attend the trip. What an easy way to fundraise! Go on a canning trip with fellow Planning Team members or create your own event with some friends. Click the icon for more information.

#17 - writing email to donr.jpeg

make the ask

The bravest thing you can do is ask! Click the icon for sample texts, emails, and Facebook posts for a variety of audiences (formal and informal).


Get creative and sell items

Show your dedication through creativity and talent! A list of potential crafts to sell include:

  • Make jewelry

  • Tie dye or acid wash clothes 

  • Sell clothes that you would otherwise donate

  • Write a song for someone

  • Raffle off a gift card

  • Make holiday/care packages

  • Make stickers on Redbubble

  • Drive by performances for local donors

  • Make and sell masks

  • Make and sell Christmas ornaments

  • Offer to make college themed phone wallpapers  for seniors in high school just getting college decisions

  • Hold a class (like yoga or cooking) and have people pay for the zoom link

  • Host a bake sale

  • Create a personalized Spotify playlist

  • Create a personalized phone background

Dine Out Night.png

Do an act of service

Show your community you care! A list of service ideas include:

  • Be your own UberEats for your close friends 

  • Wrap gifts

  • Offer to do people’s grocery shopping

  • Offer to tutor people 

  • Shovel snow off of a neighbor’s driveway

  • Rake a neighbor’s lawn

TT Showcase-9.jpg

Complete fun challenges on social media

Indirect social media asks can be incentivized with tasks that can include the following:

  • Dare bingo board

  • Do a popular TikTok dance and add your DonorDrive link

  • Post embarrassing pictures of yourself on social media in exchange for donations

  • Run/walk a 5K or similar kind of activity

  • Create a Truth or Dare challenge

Need a Fundraising Boost?

Here are a few of our favorite social media Venmo graphics! Put them on any social media story for an easy way to fundraise!

Have some more Questions?

For more information about fundraising tips and suggestions, please contact:

Anna Smull 

Fundraising Chair

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