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Maryland Stories: Brenna

My journey with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals began as a personal one, starting out as a patient in one when I was in middle school. The hospital can be a very scary place filled with endless stressors, especially the stress of waiting for a diagnosis. I am forever grateful for the exceptional care I was able to receive; more importantly, I am grateful for the activities I was able to occupy my time and distract myself with during my stay thanks to philanthropy. I knew coming into college that I wanted to get involved in Terp Thon to give back to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals; in addition to providing me an outlet to do so, being a part of Terp Thon has allowed me to immerse myself in and give back to something bigger than myself. Being a part of Terp Thon has reinforced my desire to go into medicine, specifically the field of pediatrics, some day. Being able to raise funds and awareness For The Kids at Children’s National for patients and families we will never have the chance to meet for the past three years has been the best and most meaningful part of my college experience so far.

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