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Miracle Kid: Luca

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

  • 13 years old

  • Big sister 

  • Great hugger 

  • Urea Cycle Disorder

Luca was born with urea cycle disorder, a rare genetic disorder that inhibits the liver from processing proteins. Her condition was so severe that at 4 months old Luca was in need of a liver transplant, but finding a match at the time was very difficult. Thankfully, her father was tested as a match and was able to donate some of his liver to her. Today, Luca is a happy 12 year old who enjoys listening to music and playing with her dog Tessa. In 2014, Luca and her family participated in Children’s National’s Race For Every Child 5K in which they raised $1,317.00 to give back to the hospital. “‘Thank you’ just doesn’t seem to be quite enough, but for the [Children’s National Hospital] doctors, nurses, technicians, and staff who we never thought we’d need, but have helped Luca, thank you,” says Luca’s mother, Katie. In her spare time, Luca loves basketball and cheer and her favorite colors are pink and blue!

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