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Miracle Kid: Sammy

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

  • 11 years old

  • Dancing Star

  • Tetralogy of fallot & a large ventricular septal defect

Soon after Sammy’s birth, doctors diagnosed him with tetralogy of fallot and a large ventricular septal defect. Both of these congenital heart defects were treatable, but Sammy would have to wait until he was 3 months old for surgery. It only took two weeks after birth before a turn of events; Sammy was admitted into Children’s National Hospital with signs of heart failure. Children’s National Hospital performed open heart surgery within a week of his admittance to repair both of his conditions. Sammy responded so well to surgery that he was able to leave the Cardiac ICU in half the time that was expected! Today, Sammy is a happy eleven year old who never stops smiling. He is a dancing machine and has been known to capture the crowd’s attention with his sweet dance moves at Dance Marathon! Sammy also enjoys running, climbing and playing with his older sister, Reese. Sammy’s mother says “We are truly humbled by Sammy’s ability to heal and amazed by the talent and level of excellence of care that we received at Children’s National Hospital”.

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