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Each year, the most dedicated and involved Planning Team members are recognized and inducted into the Terp Thon Leadership Circle. Individuals who receive this designation have demonstrated exemplary connection to our cause and a strong commitment to spreading our mission on campus. Please refer to our point system below to find out how to get points in each area of our Planning Team and join our Terp Thon Leadership Circle! Planning Team members earn points in each of the four areas (Internal, Engagement, Communications, & Fiscal) to join TTLC.

Internal Points

AHOD Attendance: Points earned for every AHOD you attend

Member of the Month: Points earned if you are chosen as a Member of the Month

Setup/Cleanup at Events: Points earned for coming to help with setup and cleanup for events

Special/Other: Points earned for special activities, including but not limited to planning bonding activities, attending non-mandatory events or Morale dance practices, attending a Miracle Kid event, etc.

Engagement Points

Chalking/Canning/Tabling/Flyering: Points earned for every activity completed, also includes holding an info-session

Recruiting New Members: Points earned for every new participant you recruit

Attending Another Organization's Event: Points earned for attending another organization's event

DonorDrive Badges: Points earned for every badge received on DonorDrive

Social Media Posts: Points earned for every cause connected post on social media

Special/Other: Points earned for special activities related to Engagement

Communications Points

Following/Liking Social Media Platforms: Points earned for the number of Terp Thon social media accounts you follow (Instagram, Facebook, & TikTok)

Maryland Stories: Points earned for participating in a Maryland Story or liking a Maryland Story

Pen Pal Program: Points earned for participating in Terp Thon's Pen Pal Program

Special/Other: Points earned for special activities related to Communications

Fiscal Points

Social Media Graphics: Points earned for sharing social media graphics (ex: Venmo graphics, infographics, etc.)

Donations: Points earned for number of donations

Fundraising: Points earned for amount of money that has been raised

Special/Other: Points earned for special activities related to Fiscal, including participating in PurPics campaigns, posting opportunities activities, or participating in dine-out nights

Thank you to this year's Terp Thon Leadership Members!

Jordan Thorn

Abby Rudolph

Rachel Herman

Kristen Kelly

Sarah Coffman

John Sonta

Samantha Boas

Alexandra Spadacenta

Lucy Hess

Lily Hagopian

Julia Roth

Lucy Fulton

Sophie Alpert

Jessie Hinkle

Sarah Stec

Callista Hipolito

Nicole Lam

Alli Schimmel

Maggie Mcguckin

Maegan Wood

McKenna Randall

Sagar Desai

Grace Powers

Becca Falik

Lauren Hafner

Brooke Sills

Paige Andrus

Taylor Voelkel

Grace Lama

Maddy Murphy

Victoria Miske

Katherine Giaimo

Jess Boyer

Justin Bloomberg

Abby Vaida

Daniel McKinley

Will Wilt

Ashlyn Gibson

Holly Hennessy

Morgan Descoteau

Halle Lerner

Hannah Badro

Hunter Meisz

Isabel Namath

Matt Leichnam

Caroline Stuart

Amy Ackerman

Sammy Dickstein

Alyza Person

Jessica Storck

Sara Berman

Nicole Seeburger

Jayda Fomengia

Supraja Kanipakam

Amanda Stone

Alexa Ravitz

Alexandra Rogan

Drew Lepre

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