Our Internal Team is what truly elevates our organization! Each committee is led by an Executive Board Chair as well as Captains, and serve to support our hospital and engage our campus in so many unique ways. If you're interested in joining a committee, be on the lookout for when our Terp Thon Planning Team applications go live! If you have any questions please reach out to our Recruitment Chair, Sarah Coffman, at ttrecruitmiracles@gmail.com.



The Corporate Relations Committee is responsible for obtaining monetary and in-kind donations for all Terp Thon events throughout the year. This committee communicates with companies and other potential sponsors in our area. 


The Creative Development Committee is responsible for all graphic designs, photography, videography, and merchandise designs. This committee is also responsible for the upkeep of the website and helps to develop advertising campaigns.


The Dancer Relations Committee is responsible for all contact with Terp Thon participants in ensuring that they are engaged and connected to the organization. This committee is also responsible for planning and running all Community Meetings.


The Events Committee is responsible for the planning of all Terp Thon events, most notably our Dance Marathon in March. Responsibilities include but are not limited to aesthetics, timelines, activities, and entertainment for the event. 


The Family Relations Committee is responsible for year-long ideas on how to always keep the cause at the focus of Terp Thon's movement. This committee communicates with hospital contacts and Miracle Families, plans hospital tours and more! 


The Finance Committee plans and balances the budget, manages all offline donations, and helps design and order merchandise. This committee also allocates funds throughout the organization and seeks funding through various grant opportunities. 


The Fundraising Committee is in charge of educating our participants on how to fundraise. This committee develops fundraising resources, and plans and oversees all fundraising initiatives and any canning days. 


The Greek Relations Committee is responsible for spreading awareness and increasing engagement within the University of Maryland Greek Community. This committee plans initiatives throughout the year to increase participation and fundraising.


The Hospitality Committee is responsible for obtaining the food and drinks for all events, acquiring other various in-kind incentives, and planning our dine-out nights. This committee communicates with companies directly to create a beneficial and supportive relationship.


The Membership Development Committee is responsible for introducing our newest members to our organization. This committee creates an opportunity for members to experience all elements of our Planning Team.


The Mini Marathons Committee is responsible for the management of relationships between local K-12 schools, and will serve as an advisor to these Mini Marathon programs. This committee frequently meets with these programs at secondary schools or virtually.


The Morale Committee is responsible for year-long initiatives to make the Terp Thon Planning Team experience the best it can be. This committee is responsible for organizing dance rehearsals, preparing the final Morale Song, and leading retreats. 


The Operations Committee is responsible for making our organization run smoothly and is in charge of data tracking and logistics within our movement. This committee organizes all staffing, vendors, and safety requirements for events. 


The Public Relations Committee is responsible for running all social media accounts and reaches out to local media outlets for event coverage. This committee is responsible for maintaining our positive public image. 


The Recruitment Committee is responsible for campus engagement and the recruitment of all students, with specific focuses on student organizations, underclassmen, residence halls, and more.


The University Relations Committee is responsible for managing and creating new relationships with faculty and all of our University Supporters. This committe has a great deal of outside meetings with campus supporters.