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Maryland Stories: Surya

My journey with Terp Thon and Children’s National Hospital interestingly began with one of my favorite committees: Mini Marathons. A Mini Marathon is any community-based event, mainly including events at local high schools that benefit Children’s National under Terp Thon. In high school, I had always been interested in becoming a pediatrician, so I knew that I wanted to host a fundraiser for a local hospital as my senior Capstone project. I organized a dance performance that raised funds for Children’s National. and I was lucky to have two former Executive Board members attend my event. They both inspired me to join Terp Thon as soon as I arrived on campus my freshman year. After a year on the Mini Marathons Committee, I decided to join the Terp Thon Executive Board and work directly with these community events and with my own committee. My year as the Mini Marathons Chair was one of the most meaningful times of my college experience. I learned so much about the amazing work the hospital does and how much an impact we can make on improving child health. Joining Terp Thon has allowed me to meet some of the kindest and most motivated people who share my passion for child health. Each year at Dance Marathon, I am inspired to see the resilient Miracle families and see how college students can come together for a cause greater than us all. I hope to stay part of this movement and learn from the next generations!

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