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Miracle Kid: Mason

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

  • 13 years old

  • Great singer and DJ

  • Open Heart Surgery

Before Mason was born, the doctors detected issues and monitored his mom’s pregnancy very closely. When he was a baby, they discovered a big hole in his heart and had to have open heart surgery at just 12 weeks old. Since that surgery, his doctors have operated 5 times. His older sister was 7 at the time and received help from Children’s National on how to cope with her brother needing surgery and assistance. He is very close to his two sisters, and they both are so supportive of Mason. Now, Mason is 12 years old, his favorite color is blue, and loves to dance and sing! He even DJ’s, and his dream is to DJ at a Children’s National event. One of his favorite aspects of the hospital is Seacrest Studios. He also plays airsoft and has used his DJ skills to DJ for Diplo! “The people who work at Children’s National have known me my whole life,” he says. “My mom says they are experts at making kids feel important. I think she is right. That is exactly how I feel when I am there.”

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