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Miracle Kid: Zoie

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

  • 17 years old

  • 2013 Children’s Miracle Network Champion

  • Wilm's Tumor Cancer Survivor

Just three days before Zoie’s 3rd birthday, she fell on the playground on a family trip to the park. After brushing herself off, she got right back up and continued playing. That evening during her bath, her mother saw that her left side was severely swollen and decided to bring her to the doctor to get it checked out. The swelling on Zoie’s side was more than just a bruise from her fall, after extensive testing by the doctors at Children’s National Medical Center, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Wilm’s Tumor. The cancer was initially in her left kidney but had spread to her lungs and encircled itself around a major vein (inferior vena cava). She endured six months of chemotherapy, complete removal of her left kidney, and radiation. Today Zoie is 17 years old, loves dancing, the color purple, and watching The Vampire Diaries!

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